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JLLive are the perfect partner of choice for all of your audio-visual, lighting and digital content needs when it comes to integrating technology into the worlds most popular modular frame system. Whether you wish to integrate the ultra fine pitch LEDskin video walls and tiles, hang large format screens, light product features, register delegates with touch applications or use augmented reality technology to dive into a product's inner features our team are here to hold you hand every step of the way.

beMatrix LEDskin®










The innovative LEDskin® solution has been designed from the ground up to fully integrate with the modular frame system beMatrix. With a pixel pitch of only 2.5mm, the detail, colour and truly fine resolution of the LED video tiles offer you an enriched digital canvas upon which you can curate your story through the use of live video, animation, presentations, corporate messaging, detailed text overlays, brand information and more.

Whether you already have a beMatrix modular system which needs updating, or you are looking for a totally new solution, the ground-breaking LEDskin®, available exclusively in the UK from JLLive, will elevate and optimise your stand space and differentiate you from the competition.

LEDskin® uses innovative and a first-of-its-kind technology that enables users to create and integrate both small and large interactive LED walls and mosaic patterns into conference and exhibition stands. This new technology can also be used more creatively be with both concave and convex frames to elevate the digital experience through the use of tunnels, curves, archways, cubes and wall to wall configurations. LEDskin® also allows for animation and movement across multiple display walls, resulting in an exceptional and unique visual experience for both the exhibitor and event attendee.​ The creative ways you can use LEDskin® are almost endless.



The Most Sustainable Product in the Market


The beMatrix system is not only fast and easy to use, it also has a long-life-cycle and is endlessly reusable. By constantly re-using the same frames, your investment pays back in no time. Even after the smallest adjustment or expansion of an existing stand, none of the used materials are wasted. The frame system and its modularity are not subject to the whims of fashion.

The fast building, lightweight & ergonomic system makes it possible to do more with fewer personnel and less transportation of materials. Furthermore we don't use any acids that could pollute the environment to produce our aluminium frames. Additionally, the use of harmful substances like paint and glue is prevented as much as possible by using textiles or panels with our frames.

And since our aluminium frames are 100% recyclable even after a long life cycle, the waste is reduced to an absolute minimum.

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