Defining the Creative | Designing the Human Experience


Our creative studio team are the artists, the thinkers, the ideators and the glue that binds the JLLive offer together to help you realise the opportunities offered by technology.


By using various hardware, software and programming specialisms we can curate your brand stories, immerse your audience and engage individuals, groups and crowds alike.


The talents of our creative team, our engineers and our technicians are the essential ingredients that combine together in a proven recipe to facilitate brand conversation, inspires audiences, drive activity, deliver brand affinity , influence sales and ensure the very purpose of your event or experience results in your subsequent desired action from the each and every attendee.


If you take a look through a sample of our case studies you can dive into some of our work in action but as ever, if you want to discuss how our creative & technical talents can combine to curate your own immersive or interactive experience please call us anytime.


                                                                      Motion Graphics                     Touch Applications                Virtual Reality

                                                                      Augmented reality                    CGI                                   2D / 3D Animation

                                                                      Projection Mapping                  Holograms                          Lighting

                                                                      Realtime                                 Unity                                  Film

                                                                      Show Stings                           Show Credits                       Presentations


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