Live Events

Live events are about people, they are all about the experience, they are all about creating memories that will invoke a reaction, they are about serendipity, networking and making an impact.


It does not matter whether people are attending a conference, a team meeting, a concert, a film premiere, a product launch, a trade show or an awards evening; your discerning audience expects, it anticipates, it demands attention. Your audience has given you it’s valuable time and in return you must entertain it, you must engage with it, you must value it, you must immerse it with your story and your brand – you must make an impact. If you don’t, you will lose it.


JLLive exists to be your technical production partner of choice. Our role is to help, to creatively design and implement the right type of audio-visual and lighting technology, at the right time to ensure that your brand resonates with your audience on an emotional level. We will curate your event with video, with sound, with music, with lighting, with sets, stages and digital experiences that will help you tell your story, help to elevate your brand and create the memories that your audience will take away and act upon.


Our combined heritage of working across both the live event world and the television world means we are very uniquely placed to understand how to blend the physical and digital broadcast technology together to help you showcase the magic of storytelling, unlock the secrets of audience engagement and make your delegates feel like they are experiencing something wonderful.

Hybrid Events


Live Events and Televised / Hybrid Events are not the same thing, they require different uses of each technical element used in a full-service production service. Video, sound, lighting, set, stage and audience placement all need to be thought about. The eye is drawn in a different way on a small screen to the way it is drawn in a live event. The way the sound is delivered to balance the voice, the music and the atmospherics is different for a live and a small screen audience, the effect of a stray light shining on the keynote presentation isn’t often seen by the live audience but on the digital delegates Laptop it can make the bullet points disappear.


The list goes on and the challenges of delivering really memorable digital & broadcast events that are as engaging and awe-inspiring to both the live and laptop audience is where JLLive can step in. This is where our technical team, our designers, creatives and producers know how to blend your event, they know how to help you tell your story and how to deeply engage your audience in an immersive event experience.

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