digital events / broadcast shows


At JLLive we are always working with our partners to ensure the heart and soul of every event we deliver for them has the human experience front and centre of the entire production. The production values that ever-more sophisticated digital audiences demand lies with more broadcast quality levels of event presentation - think Television Show not just a filmed live event with smart graphics & digital cityscape back drops. As has always been the case with live events, the digital audience has to be immersed in a truly awe-inspiring experience, they need to be educated, entertained, excited and engaged throughout the event.

As event partners of BBC Studioworks, we believe that to truly elevate events, as we return to in-person activity once again, both the physical and digital audience will again demand that you commit heaven and earth to ensuring your brand story or your message resonates with the wonder that was achieved at your last live conference, sales kick off, rebrand, product launch or awards evening.


Live Events and Televised Events are not the same thing, they require different uses of each technical element used in a full-service production service. Video, sound, lighting, set, stage and audience placement all need to be thought about. The eye is drawn in a different way on a small screen to the way it is drawn in a live event. The way the sound is delivered to balance the voice, the music and the atmospherics is different for a live and a small screen audience, the effect of a stray light shining on the keynote presentation isn’t often seen by the live audience but on the digital attendees Laptop it can make the bullet points disappear.


The list goes on and the challenges of delivering really memorable digital & broadcast events that are as engaging and awe-inspiring to both the live and Laptop audience is where JLLive can step in. This is where our technical team, our designers, creatives and producers know how to blend your event, they know how to help you tell your story and how to deeply engage your audience in an immersive event experience.